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Dollar Tree Stores forms new holding company


CHESAPEAKE, Va. Dollar Tree Stores has restructured itself by creating a new holding company. Under the reorganization, a new parent company named Dollar Tree Inc. was formed. According to the company, the primary purpose of the reorganization was to create a more efficient corporate structure, and the business operations of the company and its subsidiaries will not change as a result of the reorganization.

Dollar Tree reported that outstanding shares of the capital stock of the former parent company, which was named Dollar Tree Stores Inc., were automatically converted, on a share for share basis, into identical shares of common stock of the new holding company. The company intends to mail instructions to stockholders regarding the process for exchanging their old stock certificates.

The company reported that the common stock of the new holding company will continue to be listed on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbol DLTR. The rights, privileges and interests of the companys stockholders will remain the same with respect to the new holding company.

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