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Dollar General does digital couponing


A new digital coupon program was successfully rolled out to Dollar General’s more than 11,300 stores in partnership with, the companies announced.

To use the DG Digital Coupon Program, customers may sign up either online or in stores using a numeric identification number, which is typically their telephone number. After signing up, customers select the most relevant coupons to be added to their profile and the discounts are applied at checkout to customers’ eligible purchases, including leading national brands and Dollar General’s store brand products.

“The DG Digital Coupon program provides our customers with an easy-to-use and convenient platform to use digital coupons toward our everyday low prices, helping them get the products they need at prices they want,” said Todd Vasos, Dollar General’s COO. “Understanding our shopper is utilizing digital and online technology to help save money, the completion of this project not only demonstrates our ability to deliver everyday value and affordable options to our customers, but also our commitment to help our customers save time and money, every day.” president and CEO Steven Boal said the company’s technology delivers highly relevant offers to shoppers in the way that many want – on their phones.

“The whole experience makes saving money easier than ever,” Boal said.

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