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DM Analytics launches invoice reconciliation software


PHOENIX -- DM Analytics, a leading provider of retail-focused software solutions, has added an EDI/Invoice Reconciliation solution to a comprehensive application suite that also incorporates ordering, receiving, shelf price audit, inventory and tag & sign modules.

The system monitors and automates store invoice reconciliation, thereby helping to increase retailers’ margins. Offering a high degree of flexibility, it allows store invoices to be reconciled for cost, retail margin and CRV variances, and can be completely integrated with headquarters and store systems. Retailers can also tailor the solution to their own work flow, customize cost and margin tolerance rules, set user-defined default and vendor overrides for tolerance-checking, and assign item-level tolerances as part of the invoice reconciliation process.

Michael Wagner, president of DM Analytics, noted that the system proves especially effective in identifying and addressing cost discrepancies. Authorized users can investigate discrepancies for individual line items, determine the correct cost of these items and perform updates of products’ cost at headquarters as part of the invoice reconciliation process and before transmission to the accounting system occurs. Cost discrepancies corrected for one store can be automatically corrected for all locations.

The system is designed for supermarkets, drug stores, dollar stores, hardware, consumer electronics/appliances, furniture/home furnishings, liquor, auto parts, hobby/crafts, pool supply, and other hardlines retailers.

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