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Distinctive sugar brand receives Bon Appétit blessing


NEW YORK — All-natural, cane turbinado sugar brand Sugar In The Raw has received the 2012 Bon Appétit Seal of Approval in the category of Finishing Sugar.

The new award from Bon Appétit is a first in its 56-year history. Bon Appétit’s list of must-have ingredients, including Sugar In The Raw, was selected by the editors to celebrate their favorite products. The list appears in their December 2012 issue.

Sugar In The Raw was first introduced in 1970 and since has become a favorite of foodies and naturalists alike, for anything from sweetening beverages and baked goods, to creating rubs or adding sparkle to a dish.

“We are proud to be honored with this prestigious award from Bon Appétit,” said Steven Eisenstadt, CEO, Cumberland Packing Corp., maker of Sugar In The Raw. “Our mission is to provide the best product for culinary success, whether it’s your own kitchen or the famous Bon Appétit Test Kitchen.”

To create the list, the editors at Bon Appétit put ingredients they use regularly to the test in a series of blind taste tests with five determining factors in mind.

To get a spot on the list all the ingredients had to answer the following five questions:

1. Plain and simple: Does this product make a recipe more delicious?

2. Does the product deliver bang for the buck?

3. Is it decisively better than its competitors? Does it have qualities that make it stand out from others of its kind?

4. Does it always deliver and is it consistent?

5. Is this product here to stay? Will it stand or has it stood the test of time?

“The editors on our staff, including the cooks in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen, are an opinionated and passionate bunch,” says Adam Rapoport, editor in chief of Bon Appétit. “We spend countless hours tasting, testing, and developing recipes—and the food we cook is only as good as the ingredients we use. Readers frequently ask us to name the products that we can’t cook without. The Seal of Approval is the result, and this is just the beginning.”

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