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Discounter in big RFID deployment


Target Corp. is stepping up its inventory management.

The discount retailer is partnering with Avery Dennison to deploy radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to more than 1,600 stores. The deployment, described by the technology provider as the largest of its kind, will help Target maximize inventory availability and deliver an enhanced shopper experience.

The undertaking will leverage Avery Denison’s broad UHF RFID portfolio. Target is applying the solution to a variety of categories, including apparel and a number of home products. The tags have been seamlessly integrated with current trim products to optimize the branding of the garments being tagged.

RFID technology will benefit Target as it continues to partner with designers on its high-profile line launches.

“In the apparel industry, having an accurate picture of stock availability is an important driver for retailers to deliver an optimized omnichannel experience,” said Bill Toney, VP for RFID market development at Avery Dennison.

The RFID project could get a boost from Target’s new machine learning initiative, which uses sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI). The retailer’s machine learning platform siphons through increasing levels of unstructured digital information, and continuously learns from previous computations, improving the level of data analysis.

Machine learning is already giving Target executives insight into customer demand and helping the chain optimize its supply chain.

Going forward, machine learning could also process the high volume of information filtering through Target’s RFID tags, a move that could help the chain to further streamline its inventory management operations.

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