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Direct-to-consumer in focus at Catalyst


Concerns about channel conflict once kept brands from selling to direct to consumers, but not anymore. Branded suppliers selling direct is one of the biggest trends in retail and the shift is creating new growth opportunities for consumer goods companies.

It wasn’t that long ago that major retailers were sending intimidating letters to trading partners alluding to potentially negative consequences that awaited those who sold directly to consumers via branded websites. Today, major brands have no option but to sell direct lest they be disrupted by upstart brands born on the Internet and unencumbered by legacy relationships and distribution models.

The trend has gained so much momentum that when cloud-based e-commerce solutions provider ChannelAdvisor was organizing its annual Catalyst conference the company decided to devote one third of the event’s agenda to the topic. Scheduled for April 11-13 in Las Vegas, the event’s theme is “E-Commerce, Future-Proofed,” and will feature three tracks described as brands, focus and innovate.

“The Catalyst Brands track promises to be impressive, with an exceptional roster of speakers,” said David Spitz, ChannelAdvisor CEO. “The sessions will generate conversation to help brands develop and improve their e-commerce strategies. Each session includes unique content that can provide attendees with a roadmap for their future success, no matter where they are in the e-commerce lifecycle.”

Executives from leading branded manufacturers such as Deckers, Hoover, Johnson & Johnson, Samsung and Whirlpool are scheduled to present at the event.

To learn more about branded manufacturers’ e-commerce strategies, download ChannelAdvisor’s e-book on the topic by clicking here. Or, for details on Catalyst, click here.

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