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Delhaize America optimizes pricing, promotions


Salisbury, N.C. – Delhaize America has entered into a multi-year agreement for Revionics Life Cycle Price Optimization solutions, which include Revionics Price Optimization, Revionics Promotion Optimization and Revionics Markdown Optimization. The agreement also includes Revionics Advanced Analytics services: key value item (KVI) analysis, item clustering and market basket analysis.

The Revionics Life Cycle Price Optimization software will help Delhaize America streamline its capabilities to execute data-driven, shopper-centric pricing, promotion and markdown strategies as well as tactics to enhance price image, foster stronger customer loyalty and respond quickly to dynamic market conditions. Leveraging Revionics’ core price management capabilities, Delhaize America hopes to be able to efficiently and consistently execute their pricing business rules.

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