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Del Taco adopts Benefitfocus HR solution


Charleston, S.C. - Del Taco LLC has selected the Benefitfocus HR InTouch Marketplace to support benefits administration and address relative requirements set forth by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). HR InTouch Marketplace provides a single online portal that integrates benefits-related employee data and information in one place, allowing Del Taco to efficiently manage benefit eligibility, enrollment and education for its whole workforce.

With a large hourly workforce population, Del Taco anticipates an increase in benefit-eligible employees along with the new challenge of determining eligibility of variable hour employees as a result of the ACA. Through HR InTouch Marketplace, Del Taco can gain access to reporting and analytics tools to calculate eligibility of variable hour employees and monitor the enrollment status of those full-time employees for whom they are required to provide coverage. Administrators can leverage the event-driven messaging framework within the portal to notify newly eligible employees or send reminders to employees who have not enrolled in their benefits.

"It was important to find a solution that allowed us to look beyond just full-time benefit-eligible employees," said Jeanne Graves, VP of HR for Del Taco. "We were impressed with the overall design of HR InTouch Marketplace and its ability to simplify increasingly complex functions of benefits management. Having access to accurate reporting and analytics will help our team be more strategic in addressing compliance needs and communicating with our whole workforce."

Del Taco plans to complete implementation of HR InTouch Marketplace in time for its open enrollment in the fall.

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