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Deb Shops launches e-commerce suit built on Demandware Commerce platform


Chicago -- Deb Shops announced it has launched a new e-commerce site, built on the Demandware Commerce platform that uses improved design and enhanced functionality to give shoppers an optimal online shopping experience.

Deb Shops required a new e-commerce platform that could scale with its growing business and fully integrate into the other areas of its operations. By selecting Demandware, Deb Shops was able to leverage the benefits of Demandware's cloud-based commerce platform to eliminate the need to source and maintain costly infrastructure for e-commerce and instead focus on delivering a superior shopping experience to its customers.

The new site was built by Lyons Consulting Group, an ecommerce strategy, design, development and support firm in less than three months. In a tight timeframe, the company was able to help Deb Shops rebrand and redesign onto the Demandware platform.

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