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Dayton Mall to introduce Artec Group Shapify Booth


Dayton, Ohio-- The Dayton Mall is launching the Shapify Booth, a 3D full body scanner from Artec Group, on Tuesday, Nov. 18 in the mall’s center court. The booth takes a full scan of a person in 12 seconds, which is then 3D printed to create a full-color figurine called a “Shapie.”

When a customer steps inside the booth, created in conjunction with Doppleganger Laboratories, four wide-view, high-resolution Artec scanners rotate around the person to scan from all angles. These high-powered precision scanners are able to capture details down to wrinkles on clothes. Artec’s software then automatically stitches together the hundreds of generated images to create a full body 3D image file ready for 3D printing. The printed 3D figurines will be ready to pick up the next time a customer comes to the Dayton Mall to shop.

“We’re very excited to announce our first U.S. partnership for the Shapify booth,” said Artyom Yukhin, president and CEO of Artec Group. “The booth’s installation at the Dayton Mall is a big step toward getting 3D technologies in the hands of the everyday consumer. Although 3D technology, specifically 3D printing, is seen in the news on a daily basis, it is not yet widely within reach of the average person. It’s our hope that the Shapify Booth can change this by becoming many people’s first interaction with 3D technologies.”
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