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Dad knows what time it is


It’s not fair. Mom gets jewelry, flowers, a nice dinner or maybe a day at the spa. Dad gets – a cheap watch. No offense to Timex, but Target and Walmart both promoted the brand in ads this week at price points ranging from $24.99 to $35. That puts the watches in the sweet spot for Father’s Day gift-giving with consumers who need to get something for dad and want to show him they care, but can’t afford the 50-inch LCD or TaylorMade driver. Target beat Walmart on price, or creates that perception anyway, since it is impossible to tell from the ads whether the promoted watch models have a comparable feature set. Target featured eight watches across the top half of page 17 of its Sunday circular for $24.99, while Walmart took a different approach with a full-page ad on page three of Parade magazine. The ad featured a large photo of an orange and black Timex Ironman watch set against a black background with the sentimental headline, “tells dad more than time.” The watches Walmart featured cost $30 for a 30-lap model or $35 for a 50-lap model.

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