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Cummins Allison offers currency counting solution for retailers


MT. PROSPECT, Ill. —Cummins Allison, a provider of currency, coin and check handling solutions, has announced its latest solution offerings for retail back-office processing.

Cummins Allison now offers a back-office solution for retailers that allows them to count cash and checks on one device and integrate that device with a high-speed coin sorter. Cummins Allison’s JetScan iFX check and currency scanner connected with the JetSort coin sorter enables retailers to count down checks, currency and coin, and makes preparing a deposit more efficient and accurate than ever before. Utilizing this retail processing solution, checks can be deposited to banks or credit unions immediately and directly, providing retailers savings from eliminating check deposit fees. It also affords retailers extended deposit deadlines and allows for access to funds sooner.

The new check processing solution compliments Cummins Allison’s existing retail back-office solutions, including the Cash Drawer Processing System (CDPS). The CDPS incorporates a JetScan® currency scanner to count mixed cash, and a JetSort coin sorter to count the coin and return it directly back into the till, saving retailers money in rolled coin charges. The system also instructs the user on how to rebuild the till back to the starting float (i.e. till bank), with all information printed on a single report. With the entire process taking fewer than two minutes, retailers save time in the back-office so they can spend it performing other valuable tasks, and the automation reduces errors, further saving time by avoiding re-counts.

“Our retail solutions significantly cut costs, save time and make back-office processing much more efficient,” said Doug Mennie, president Cummins Allison. “One of the largest national retailers has cut their counting and deposit preparation time by an hour-and-a-half per shift, per day. The solution paid for itself in less than a year, and they estimate savings of millions of dollars over the next several years.”

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