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Crocs, Greenhithe, England


Crocs has debuted a new store design that puts a fresh, more contemporary spin on the 10-year-old brand while paying homage to its heritage. The new look, which debuted at Bluewater shopping center, located 17 miles east of London, also allows the casual-footwear retailer to showcase its full range of product, with compelling visual merchandising stories.

Designed by Crocs in partnership with The One Off, London, the 1,300-sq.-ft. store offers a spacious and comfortable environment, with warm, textural materials. Vibrant pops of color and lifestyle graphics enliven the space and add a playful note.

“I believe this new store truly embodies the spirit, aspirations and current expression of our brand and products. This is the new face of Crocs,” said Vince Gunn, VP, Crocs Europe.

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