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Crayola Store, Easton, Pa.

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The Crayola Store envelops customers of all ages in a world of color and fun, immersive experiences while celebrating the breadth of Crayola’s product collection.

The 5,300-sq.-ft. space, part of the Crayola Experience, is designed to inspire creativity and encourage kids to explore and interact with the company's iconic product. Among the highlights: a 41-ft. by 11-ft. "Pick Your Pack" wall that allows customers to customize their own crayon and marker packs. In the interactive "Create and Print" area, guests can create and print to print their own souvenir tees, totes and other keepsake items. Gaming technology, tablets and gesture technology keep visitors of all ages actively engaged in play areas.

Throughout the store, columns are covered with crayon names. Crayola's signature "Tip" characters peak over ceiling discos, dropping splats of color on the floor below.

Design/In-Store Graphics: Reztark Design Studio, Cincinnati

Architect of Record: W2A Design Group, Allentown, Pa.

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