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Crate and Barrel rolls out shopkick app chainwide


Palo Alto, Calif. -- Shopkick, a leading location-based shopping app, announced that all Crate and Barrel locations across the United States will offer walk-in rewards and special deals to shoppers simply for visiting. For shoppers, that means shopkick walk-in rewards are now available in 39 states, plus Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico, up from three states at launch in August 2010.

The national rollout comes less than five months after Crate and Barrel initially launched its shopkick trial.

The shopkick app, combined with the first walk-in location technology, the shopkick Signal -- an inaudible sound emitted from a patent-pending device located in each participating retailer -- verifies a user is in-store, and then rewards them for visiting in the form of a currency called kickbucks.

Verifying presence in-store assures retail partners that the marketing dollars input to the shopkick program are being spent to reward customers who are actually inside the store, something not possible with traditional location-based applications because they rely on GPS technology that has an error radius of typically 500 yards on mobile phones when apps are first started.

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