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Costco supports privatizing of liquor sales in Washington


ISSAQUAH, Wash. Costco Wholesale announced that it supports Initiative 1100, concerning the privatization of liquor sales in the state of Washington, and that it will work to have the measure placed on the ballot and passed by the voters.

After careful review of the options, Costco said it decided to support Initiative 1100 because the company believes it bests serves the interests of its members (and consumers generally) -- providing them greater choices in their purchasing options and allowing them to benefit from efficiencies that the private sector and competition can bring to the sale of liquor, wine and beer.


"We serve our members in many states and around the world by selling them spirits, beer and wine at competitive prices," said Jim Sinegal, chief executive officer of Costco. "We should be able to do so in Washington State too, and other retailers should be able to similarly serve their customers. We are excited that Washington voters will be able to have a direct voice in determining these important policies."

Costco said it will support Initiative 1100 through signature gathering efforts in its Costco warehouses in Washington State and the provision of financial assistance.

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