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Costco stuns shoppers with in-store 4K TV network


Costco hopes to sell more high-definition televisions and merchandise in clubs after going live with its revamped Costco TV Network.

The warehouse club leader deployed 4K technology to its existing in-warehouse TV network in a move designed to boost sales of televisions and help brands who use the network’s promotional capabilities better connect with shoppers. Powered by PRN, a division of Stratacache and longtime Costco partner, the TV network is in all 487 of the retailer’s U.S. clubs.

“Upgrading the Costco TV Network with 4K capabilities delivers a comprehensive solution at brick and mortar retail," said Kevin Carbone, CEO of PRN. “We're excited to support Costco's leadership in the consumer electronics category, enhance this strategic communication platform inside the warehouse, and help Costco members make big purchase decisions. It's a triple win that builds on our longstanding partnership with Costco.”

The Costco TV Network showcases content in both native 4K and 1080p which makes it easy for Costco members to compare viewing experiences and presumably choose the higher resolution and more expensive model. 4K delivers four times the picture resolution of 1080p and when viewed side by side the difference is as striking as it was 10 or 15 years ago when shoppers upgraded to 1080p TVs from analog models.

According to PRN, analysts expect a fast 4K adoption with a recent report by BI Intelligence forecasting that by 2024 4K TVs will be in roughly half of all North American households, and by 2030 in nearly all North American households.

It’s likely that many of those TVs will be sold at Costco where, just like Sam’s Club, televisions and electronics are positioned near the entrance of clubs.

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