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Cornell to clarify Target’s long-term strategy


Target chairman and CEO Brian Cornell has made some bold moves since arriving at Target last fall, but the most significant revelations concerning long term prospects will come in early March when the company hosts its first investor conference of the Cornell era.

Since arriving at Target last fall, Cornell has made some bold decisions, none bolder than the decision to exit the Canadian market. He’s also accelerated omnichannel efforts and pulled back on 2015 store expansion while continuing to explore development of smaller stores. However, that hasn’t been much in the way of a clearly articulated long term growth strategy and outlook for financial returns on which investors can base decisions.

This situation is expected to change on March 3, when for the first time Cornell and a team of senior executives share their vision of what’s next for Target in 2015 and how the company plans to grow longer term during a two and a half hour investor conference.

In addition to Cornell, top executives schedule to participate in include CFO John Mulligan, Casey Carl, chief strategy and innovation officer, Kathee Tesija, chief merchandising and supply chain officer and Jeff Jones, chief marketing officer.

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