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Convenience store chain Mapco installs impulse selling platform


Greensboro, N.C. - Convenience store operator Mapco recently partnered with Gilbarco Veeder-Root to install the Impulse upselling platform across 220 sites by the end of 2014. Mapco, which operates 375 stores in the Southeast, is using the Impulse platform to drive dynamic digital content at both the point-of-sale and through their mobile application.

Impulse is an upselling platform from Gilbarco and their software provider Odysii that integrates with the POS system to deliver targeted recommendations via an additional touch screen at the point-of-sale. The Impulse platform goes beyond upselling to include capabilities such as surveys, basic loyalty, and interactive games at the register. Impulse analyzes numerous variables and improves over time, rather than just looking at the last scanned item.

“We saw Impulse increase in-store sales by over 2.5%, which was a key factor in our decision to implement Gilbarco’s upselling platform,” said Austin Martin, VP of sales and merchandising, Mapco. “We are also excited about Impulse’s ability to interact with consumers at multiple touch-points, which allows us to engage our consumers by sending customized offers directly to their mobile phone.”

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