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Container Store and Intuit partner to eliminate receipts


Coppell, Texas The Container Store said Thursday it has established a partnership with QuickReceipts, new from Intuit, to automatically collect, store and organize customers receipts from stores and the retailer’s website.

To use the program, shoppers will sign up at QuickReceipts and opt to receive electronic receipts from The Container Store. When shoppers make purchases either online or in-store, receipts from the selected retailers are automatically sent to the customer’s QuickReceipts profile. According to Container Store, receipts will be available the day after a purchase is made.

Shoppers who need to make a return or a claim will retrieve a receipt from the QuickReceipts profile for review, printing or visibility from a mobile device.

“The Container Store is always looking for innovative ways to layer on value-added services for our customers -- services that will save them time and money,” said Casey Shilling, VP marketing communications for The Container Store. “QuickReceipts by Intuit is an example of an incredibly useful new service for our customers that automatically collects, stores and organizes receipts online -- keeping receipts from participating retailers like The Container Store secure and all in one place. Intuit’s passion for inventing solutions to solve important problems, perfecting solutions and delighting their customers made them the perfect brand to align ourselves with.”

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