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Manhattan Associates Momentum 2014

“We will have real-time temperature monitoring by the end of the year. Imagine what that means.”

— Tony Thompson, president and COO, Papa John’s International Inc.

“It’s hard to talk to anyone at Amazon. Everything has to be automated through their site. But dispute resolutions are almost always in favor of the customer.”

— Sucharita Mulpuru, VP/principal analyst, Forrester Research

“As a retailer, I’m not trying to make money on freight, but to lose as little money on freight as possible.”

— Reed J. Stepleman, senior director, professional services, fulfillment/e-commerce, Manhattan Associates

“Omnichannel is retail. Retailers try to put it in a bucket like it’s something to work toward.”

— Christina Bieniek, principal, Deloitte Consulting


“Social activation is a move from measuring sentiment to changing perceptions. It’s not social listening. It’s creating consumer advocacy in their own words.”

— Bill Briggs, director, Deloitte Consulting

“We did away with four imprecise business processes. We wanted to adapt our business processes to a granular level of detail for more precision.”

— Stew Wenerstrom, senior VP/CIO, Big Lots

“Disruptive innovation doesn’t mean dramatic, new or different. It’s the transformation of a complicated, expensive product into a product that is more affordable and usable to create new growth.”

— Clayton M. Christensen, professor, Harvard Business School

“If we simplify everything, we can accomplish anything.”

— Hasso Plattner, supervisory chairman of the board, SAP

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