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Clipsal From Square D Offers Touchscreen Control


Palatine, Ill.-The Square D Clipsal Monochrome Touch Screen from Schneider Electric is designed to provide versatile lighting control via a simple, compact user interface for commercial applications such as retail outlets. In addition to being easy to install, customize and use, the Monochrome Touch Screen offers numerous configurations, making it an attractive alternative to multiple single-operation switches, on/off toggles, dimmers and timers that can clutter walls.

It is compatible with all Square D Clipsal devices and the Square D Powerlink NF3000G3C whole-building lighting controller.

The unit holds enough memory to store up to 100 screens, which can include multi-point switching and dimming; master on/off switching; and schedules and scenes with multiple loads. Display and controls can be configured with symbols, images, clocks and text in multiple languages, while area plans and other scenes can be graphically depicted. A standard real-time clock enables schedules for lighting and other tasks, while variable dimming fade rates can be easily configured according to load or lighting zone.

Another plus is a locator option that can be configured to help users find the screen in dim lighting conditions.

The clean-lined, low-profile touchscreen can be wall-mounted without external fittings. A standard built-in receiver allows operation with an included hand-held remote control. A desktop model also is available when wall space is limited.

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