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City Market/Larroc


City Market is designed to entice all the senses, offering the taste, aromas, sights, sounds and textures of a fine European gourmet market. The 26,422-sq.-ft., high-end supermarket is alluring and captivating, with an abstract, mosaic-tile backdrop that represents a city skyline. Colored-glass mosaics complement the palettes and textures used to define the various merchandise zones. Warm woods provide a residential feeling, balancing the cool, contemporary stainless-steel fixtures and display units. A glass facade with a black granite and stainless frame allows visibility throughout the entire store.

Full of colors and textures, Larroc provides an exciting, adventurous shopping experience. The design pulls off an enviable feat: It captures the feeling of a high-end market without making it look so expensive that people wouldn’t shop there. Comfortable, inviting colors reflect the area and demographics, and a hand-written pricing system recalls a familiar element used in many local markets. A large color mural in the deli/foodservice area, based on contemporary Mexican-style artistry, highlights images of Mexico coming into an industrial age and moving forward.

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