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Circuit City promises universal pricing on all sales channels


RICHMOND, Va. Circuit City Stores has launched a new program called "One Price Promise," which pledges that shoppers will get the same competitive low price for merchandise in Circuit City stores, online on Circuit City's Web site, or by phone.

"One Price Promise assures Circuit City shoppers that they will be treated fairly and equally regardless of how they shop with us," said Jeff Maynard, vp of marketing at Circuit City Stores. "Customers have been telling us how important this is to them, and we want to give them a strong and competitive value proposition when making purchases."

Circuit City said it developed the the One Price Promise program after a new nationwide research conducted by independent research firm SPSS of Chicago, Ill. showed that nearly half of consumers surveyed (47%) believe retailers post different prices for the same merchandise in their stores and on their Web sites. Moreover, more than half of shoppers (51%) said they would place more trust in a retailer who offered the same prices on the Web and in their stores.

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