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Chuck E. Cheese rolling out EnTouch energy management solution to over 300 units


Richardson, Texas -- EnTouch Controls announced that Chuck E. Cheese’s has ramped up its commitment to EnTouch 360° as its official energy management solution for corporate stores in North America.

Chuck E. Cheese’s store environment includes a playground and a host of video games for teens and adults. The energy costs for these video games, along with the energy needed to maintain comfortable temperatures for patrons, quickly adds up.

EnTouch 360° provides fully managed 24/7 support for over 300 of Chuck E. Cheese’s corporately owned locations. EnTouch’s dedicated team of energy experts proactively evaluates all incoming energy data in real-time and converts that data into clear, comprehendible insights to drive actionable decisions.

With EnTouch 360°, most businesses recognize conservative savings of 15% on their energy costs. In the case of Chuck E. Cheese’s, a system-wide energy reduction would translate into over 17,000 megawatts per year and the elimination of more than 15,000 tons of CO2.

EnTouch 360° helps to prioritize energy management issues, remotely triages potential problems and can also dispatch a customer’s technician to resolve an HVAC, refrigeration or lighting problem. With EnTouch 360°, the Chuck E Cheese’s facility management team moves from reacting to maintenance issues to one that is “proactive” in focusing on the important day-to-day issues of managing the restaurant.

“We enlisted EnTouch in 2013 to begin tackling our mounting energy usage and the results were significant – we were able to cut our energy bills by 15 percent,” said Les Lehner, senior VP of real estate at Chuck E. Cheese’s parent company CEC Entertainment. “EnTouch 360° empowered our facility teams to effectively manage, analyze and control our energy usage and we’re eager to see the results of this latest effort as we systematically roll out EnTouch 360° across our remaining North American footprint.”

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