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Christopher & Banks Selects QuantiSense exception management software


Atlanta -- QuantiSense, a provider of retail exception management software, announced that Christopher & Banks Corporation has licensed both QuantiSense Playbooks and QuantiSense Retail Business Intelligence to help automate the management of retail exceptions across its 598 stores in 44 states, as well as to provide the business analytic platform for their enterprise.

“I look forward to sharing the QuantiSense software with our team,” said Lisa Klein, VP of information technology and planning & allocation, Christopher & Banks. “Currently it is very time consuming for our people to both find and manage all of the more important retail exceptions buried in our retail data. There are simply too many exceptions to sift through on a daily basis, so the traditional focus has been on the top SKUs and stores. A more accurate and easier way to drive this process is clearly a job for computer software designed specifically to manage our retail exceptions. Once implemented, our focus will shift to managing the SKUs and stores which the platform identifies as offering the biggest potential returns.”

Added company president and CEO LuAnn Via: “Finding and managing the retail exceptions that matter the most, whether it be on avoiding stock-outs of product in stores where we could be selling more or making adjustments to store size profile curves to better meet what our customer needs is an opportunity for us. The QuantiSense solution is designed to quickly show our people what actions to take on an item/store basis to both enhance and accelerate our allocation, purchasing and planning decisions.”

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