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Chockstone Announces New Credit- and Debit-Card-Based Loyalty Program


Portland, Ore. –– Chockstone Inc., a leading loyalty marketing and technology provider, announced SingleSwipe, a unique new identification program that allows credit- and debit-card companies and merchants to tie merchant loyalty programs to a customer’s existing credit or debit card.

Using credit and debit cards that consumers already carry in their wallets, SingleSwipe allows participating merchants to track their customers’ preferences and purchase history, and immediately provide savings and promotional offers most relevant to each customer. 

Any branded card—American Express, Discover, MasterCard, VISA—can be used for SingleSwipe, assuming the merchant location accepts them as a form of payment. Cardholders register their credit or debit card(s) of choice, and use that card for both payment and loyalty transactions. Chockstone maintains and processes all data throughout its network and platform in compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations to ensure the privacy of credit-card numbers and transaction data. Merchants can safely and effectively reward points or offer relevant promotions to customers at the point of purchase.

Through a number of different ID methods, including rewards cards, personal phone numbers or credit-card information, Chockstone provides turnkey solutions for merchants to design and launch highly targeted point-of-sale (POS) promotions themselves through a Web-based Campaign Management Tool.

To learn more about the Chockstone services provided at one of 46,000 merchant locations nationwide, go to

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