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The Children’s Place cites value in investor presentation


Secaucus, N.J. – Three days after an activist investor group filed a presentation with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) urging the election of new board members and claiming poor performance, The Children's Place Inc. has its own investor presentation with the SEC.

The presentation endorses the re-election of three board candidates at the May 22 annual meeting: Norman Matthews (chairman of the board), Kenneth Reiss (chair of the audit committee) and Stanley W. Reynolds (member of the audit committee).

The presentation also provides details on what The Children’s Place says is the value-enhancing transformation currently underway. The company also says it has delivered positive operating performance in an intensely competitive children’s retail environment, and value to shareholders. The stock price of The Children’s Place has increased more than 110% since CEO Jane Elfers joined the company five years ago, and is currently near an eight-year high.

“Our board and management team have made great progress in transforming The Children’s Place during the last five years, which has allowed us to maintain the number one market share in children’s specialty apparel and position the company for the future while also re-purchasing $481 million of The Children’s Place common stock and initiating our first ever dividend,” said Matthews. “We believe our current, highly qualified board of directors has the right mix of expertise, experience and independence, and we urge our shareholders to re-elect our nominees so we can continue this strong progress.”

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