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Checkpoint Systems upgrades EAS solutions


Checkpoint Systems, a leading global supplier of merchandise availability solutions for the retail industry, has launched the next generation of intelligent electronic article surveillance (EAS) solutions.

The Evolve iRange is made up of six different EAS antennas, a broad range of EAS labels designed for visible and source-tagging application to various types of merchandise, and the Counterpoint iD deactivation unit for faster and consistent deactivation at point-of-sale (POS).

Together, the portfolio is designed to deter theft from potential shoplifters and provide confidence that protected merchandise has been deactivated efficiently to avoid false alarms for honest shoppers, and that the antenna alarms are indeed shoplifting attempts so store personnel can respond appropriately.

EAS Jammer detection technology is one of the latest additions to the Evolve iRange. Integrated into antennas within the portfolio, the system identifies if an EAS “jammer” has been brought into the store and activates an alarm, which alerts staff to the potential threat. A selection of new visible labeling solutions is also now available.

“Having the right product available in the right place at the right time is essential for retailers seeking to enhance the in-store shopping experience and increase sales,” said Farrokh Abadi, president and COO, Merchandise Availability Solutions at Checkpoint Systems. “In order to do this, retailers need to have a complete solution in place to deter theft, deactivate merchandise and detect stolen items quickly and efficiently. Years of research, development and experience have been packed into our new EVOLVE iRange to make it the most complete EAS solution we’ve ever produced – and the figures prove that it actually works.”

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