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Century 21 making a lasting impression on New York


Shoppers who love a good deal on designer duds have a new reason to shop Century 21 in New York City.

The retailer has partnered once again with famous street artist Mr. Brainwash on a second mural honoring the city and the attacks of Sept. 11. His second interpretation of the events that changed the city and the nation forever are located on a 65-square-foot by 225-square-foot wall of the storefront on Church Street, depicting painted images of iconic NYC sights and sceneries.

"This isn't just about New York; when 9/11 happened the whole world was watching. We wanted to do something that is a representation of the city's resilience and diverse beauty, of the strength of the community – that shows we won't forget and remind us to give love on this day and every day," said Mr. Brainwash.

Coming to organic fruition through his friendship with Century 21 Department Store co-owner Isaac Gindi, this mural is meant to acknowledge the strength of the city and the downtown district where Century 21 Department Store's flagship store has been since 1961.

"We're so honored to be collaborating again with Mr. Brainwash; his piece represents the vibrancy of New York City and the power of the Downtown community. It's an honor to be headquartered in one of the city's most thriving areas and pay tribute to the beauty of New York City and all Americans as we remember 9/11," stated Isaac Gindi, Co-Owner and Executive Vice President.

Century 21 is headquartered in Downtown Manhattan, with four other locations in New York including Lincoln Square, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island and three additional locations in New Jersey including Paramus, Morristown and Elizabeth as well as online at In October 2014, Century 21 Department Store opened its first store outside of the New York Metro, in Philadelphia.

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