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Celebs, bling and bold color give Streetwear added buzz



Suits and casual wear were left behind as vendors focused on expressing brand image in their own streetwear, providing for an authentic environment. Vendors and consumers formed an instantaneous cultural bond, with the connection between exhibitors and attendees reinforced at the off-site exhibits, POOL and PROJECT, which showed more cutting edge apparel.

This year, hooded jackets took the place by storm—hoods that zipped up into masks were particularly hot—and everything from graphite to vintage prints to jeweled applications lined the booths. Streetwear collections carried a strong art influence and The Ultimate Fighting booths grew as well. Just as in the mainstream collections, layering and color, especially in footwear, had a strong presence.

The MAGIC Streetwear POOL and PROJECT exhibits completely transformed the marketplace, showing that formalities are no longer necessary and reinforcing the idea that business is built on relationships with consumers based on similar lifestyles and interests.

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