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Catavolt launches AirWatch app


Aplharetta, Ga. - Catavolt, Inc., a provider of enterprise application mobility solutions, has launched the Catavolt for AirWatch app in the AirWatch Marketplace and Apple’s App Store. Catavolt’s cloud platform will enable AirWatch customers to rapidly and securely create new mobile apps that seamlessly integrate with existing enterprise systems.

Catavolt instantly combines business data from multiple legacy and cloud-based systems into one unified view. AirWatch helps customers deploy and monitor these views on BYOD and corporate-owned devices.

“Built from the ground up to meet the security requirements of corporate IT departments, Catavolt provides business users with the ability to quickly build mobile apps to access real-time information, resulting in faster decision making that improves productivity and creates competitive advantage,” said Catavolt CEO George Mashini. “Our partnership with AirWatch enhances the capabilities of both companies to deliver business agility, scalability and security for today’s most demanding enterprise challenges.”

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