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Careland Pharmacy, Brooklyn, New York

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Careland Pharmacy is a new drug store that mixes a contemporary look with playful references with an old-fashioned service philosophy.

Located on the ground floor of a landmarked building, Carleland offers prescription and over-the-counter medications, along with toiletries, beauty supplies, toys, and stationery. With a tagline of “We take care seriously,” the pharmacy also offers free home delivery, vision testing, pharmaceutical compounding and flavoring services. There is a drop-off box for prescriptions on the exterior for on-the-go customers.

Designed by SERGIO MANNINO STUDIO, Brooklyn, New York, Careland is full of traditional references relating to health and pharmacy, including the universal pharmacy identifier: the cross. A cheerful, bright green color palette is used throughout the store, a contemporary update on the classic dark green associated with pharmacies around the world, according to the designer. The green vinyl floor features a pattern of hand-drawn band-aids in varying shapes and sizes.

To underscore the clinical quality of the pharmacy, the shelves were given a high gloss treatment in white. The soft curves created by 70 linear ft. of the undulating shelves lend a sense of warmth to the space.

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