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Cardinal earns PetSmart carrier award


CONCORD, N.C. PetSmart has named Cardinal Logistics Management as its 2007 Carrier of the Year. The award was presented to the company on Feb. 27. The Carrier of the Year Award is an annual award given to the carrier with the best on-time service percentage.

Cardinal makes regional deliveries of pet supplies from two PetSmart distribution centers in Ohio to stores in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Tennessee, Virginia, New Jersey, Michigan, Florida, Illinois and Canada. In addition to delivering pet supplies, Cardinal also transports live tropical fish on refrigerated trailers from Florida to the PetSmart distribution center in Ohio. In 2007, Cardinal's PetSmart operation in Ohio ran almost 4 million miles and delivered more than 13,000 deliveries with an impressive on-time delivery percentage of 99.3%, the company reported.

"This award is based 100% on the performance of our drivers. It means so much to this group of drivers to be recognized by the customer for their outstanding efforts," stated Audra Jones, Cardinal Operations Manager. "The dedication and hard work by these drivers is unreal. This operation is very challenging as some drivers spend weeks/holidays away from their families in order to service our customer. They do it with no questions asked and do it well."

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