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Canadian moms offer valuable insight


MISSISSAUGA, ON — Walmart Canada got some key insights into its core shoppers when it surveyed more than 2,000 Canadian moms with children under 18. And while the survey may have targeted Canadian shoppers, the results can easily be applied to shoppers in the United States.

“Canadian moms are telling us that while they’re concerned about the economy, they are also focused on ensuring their children are healthy, happy and are well prepared to find a job they enjoy when the time comes. They are also looking for more ways to spend quality time with their families,” said Shelley Broader, president and CEO for Walmart Canada. “As a retailer, we’re in a unique position to help Canadian moms. We design our operations around families. Our stores open early and stay open late to let busy moms shop when it’s convenient for them.”

The survey revealed that 77% of Canadian moms want their children to be healthy, while their children's happiness was a concern for 80%. A vast majority (88%) dream that their children will have a good job which satisfies them, while half of respondents hope their children will go to university.

Unlike their own moms, today's moms are spending less time teaching their kids how to cook, and 70% say it is a challenge to keep their kids's diet healthy. Moms are also concerned about rising costs of higher education and future job prospects for their children.

One-third of moms surveyed said they had to give up other treats in order to keep paying for exracurricular activities, which they feel are important to their child's development.

“Walmart is focused, now more than ever, on our core shoppers—moms—and the . . .survey is just one more way we’re listening to Canadians” said Emma Fox, chief marketing officer for Walmart Canada. “Canadian moms are unique—they have a unique way of managing their households and a unique way of shopping. We want Walmart Canada to be mom’s favourite place to shop, and to achieve that we need to understand her like a best friend. We want to know what we can do to make her life easier and to help her and her family save money and live better, whether that means tweaking the merchandise assortment we carry or the way we manage our operations.”

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