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Camper, Westfield World Trade Center, New York

Spanish footwear brand Camper stays true to its tradition of creating unique store experiences at each of its locations at its new outpost in Manhattan.

The 650-sq.-ft. store has a minimalist look, and features hardwood oak plank flooring with a satin finish. Oversized photo images provide a bold backdrop for product displays. The store is designed based on the idea of diorama-like exhibits, in which shoes serve as the focal artifacts. Seven-ft.-high “diorama” merchandise display cabinets are installed along three perimeter walls of the space. The cabinets consist of boxes of varying dimensions, designed to showcase either individual pairs of shoes or small collections. The boxes feature LED strips and replaceable photo backgrounds that reflect changing seasons and inspirations for each shoe design.

New York City-based design from Montroy Andersen DeMarco (MADGI) collaborated on the project with Studio Camper, the brand’s in-house store design team.

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