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Cabela’s launches new site on Fry’s platform


Ann Arbor, Mich. -- Fry, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Micros Systems, announced that Cabela’s has launched its newly designed website on Fry’s Open Commerce Platform.

Fry built and designed the new on its e-commerce framework, Open Commerce PlatformTM (OCP). The site’s new features include a creative redesign, an integrated kiosk, multi-site capability, a new store locator, in-page zoom and swatching, guided navigation, an enhanced My Account section and product comparison capabilities. In addition, OCP’s content management system allows Cabela’s to target content to consumers, enhancing the online shopping experience.

“Fry’s OCP gives us the flexibility and robustness we need in order to grow our online business," said Mark Thompson, Cabela’s senior director of e-commerce. “The new platform, along with the new creative design and customer experience features, combines to offer a world-class shopping experience to every customer.”

The new site allows Cabela’s to communicate with customers using OCP’s Experience Manager to deliver targeted content and special offers with user-specific merchandising rules.

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