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Cabela’s improves throughput, lowers costs with robotic pallets


Pittsburgh – Cabela’s Inc. has seen improvement in throughput and saved on operating costs since implementing the use of Seegrid’s unmanned robotic pallet trucks at its Wheeling, W.Va., distribution center in July 2010. The retailer has used Seegrid robots to reduce manned long haul transports, handle a high variety of product flow and provide flexibility to change routes.

In addition, Seegrid robots have streamlined Cabela’s process flow through centralized route management and improved dock-to-stock timing, as the retailer now partners its delivery process with the use of the robots. Cabela’s says the robotic pallet trucks have increased operational efficiency by improving receipt to putaway time, optimizing product flow and reducing labor costs.

“We introduced Seegrid’s unmanned units into our current environment alongside our present delivery process, which afforded us the opportunity to forego any future acquisition needs at our location to support a manned unit in our basic stocking and replenishment activities,” said Aaron Purman, Cabela’s operations manager. “Seegrid robots provided Cabela’s with the cost savings solution we needed.”

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