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Building trades union president testifies on green jobs training


Mark Ayers, president of the Building and Construction Trades Department, AFL-CIO, testified on April 21 before the Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Committee (HELP) to urge them to look to the apprenticeship infrastructure of America's Building Trades Unions for green skills training for U.S. workers.

The hearing was designed to explore the avenues for, and potential growth of, green jobs training in the United States, and the ways in which our nation can ensure that these jobs are family-sustaining jobs with good wages and benefits.  

Ayers noted, "Our unions have built an unsurpassed nationwide apprenticeship and training infrastructure that incorporates the latest technologies that are becoming an increasing part of everyday life on construction projects of every imaginable type. Whether it is the installation of new, high-efficiency plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems, or the use of new and improved building materials and construction techniques, America's Building Trades Unions are on the front lines of the effort to create, not just green 'jobs,' but 'careers' that will enable Americans from all walks of life to enjoy the peace of mind associated with a stable and prosperous career that offers family-sustaining wages and benefits."

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