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Build-A-Bear Workshop ‘Pay Your Age’ deal gets a makeover

Days after Build-A-Bear Workshop's “Pay Your Age” promotion drew massive crowds -- and caused many shoppers to leave empty-handed -- the retailer has found a way for all of its loyal shoppers to take advantage of the deal.

The retailer introduced the “Count Your Candles” program, which lets Build-A-Bear Bonus Club members 14 years old and under to pay their age for a Birthday Treat Bear during the month of their birthday. A child turning four, for example, would pay $4 for their new stuffed animal. (The bear typically sells for $14.)

The new program comes on the heels of Build-A-Bear’s one-day “Pay Your Age” sale on Thursday, July 12, a promotion that flooded stores with customers and long lines that, in some cases, extended outside malls. The promotion allowed customers who visited a Build-A-Bear store on July 12 to pay their current age to make a stuffed animal of their choice. (The sale was open to customers of all ages, with the price topping out at $29.) The Pay Your Age promotion was created as a kick-off event for the Count Your Candles program and the associated Birthday Treat Bear.

The retailer called the response to the sale “overwhelming and unprecedented” in its 21-year history. The company distributed vouchers to shoppers in lines, to be redeemed for a future purchase.

Build-A-Bear is also still honoring those vouchers, which entitles members of the Build-A-Bear Bonus Club to $15 off a customized stuffed toy. The deal must be redeemed in stores by August 31, according to the company.
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