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Brookstone debuts QR code program in 30 locations


Merrimack, N.H. -- Brookstone has launched a new Quick-Response (QR) code program in 30 New York-area Brookstone stores, including locations in Rockefeller Center and JFK airport, to provide shoppers with reviews, videos and product information.

The program allows to shoppers will see black-and-white QR codes located next to products. By snapping an image with their smartphone QR application, consumers can quickly access real-time customer reviews and product videos and even shop a greater selection of similar products at Brookstone’s website.

"Brookstone customers seek information so they can make informed purchase decisions," said Brookstone CEO Ron Boire. "Using technology such as QR codes in-store complements our knowledgeable staff and creates an online information experience in-store."

Consumer use of QR codes is increasing. Thirty-two percent of U.S. smartphone users have scanned a QR code, while 70% said they plan to use a QR code again or for the first time.

"The potential applications for QR code technology have yet to be realized by marketers and advertisers beyond promotional offers," Boire said. "QR codes provide the opportunity to empower the informed shopper with quick access to information in the form of third-party reviews, product demos and more."

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