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Brooks Brothers brings in-store experience online


New York – Brooks Brothers is connecting data to the customer experience in order to replicate the highly personalized shopping environment of its stores on its e-commerce site.

“We are connectors,” Cindy L. Lincks, director of analytics for Brooks Brothers, told the audience during a session at last week’s Internet Retailer conference in Chicago. “Our job is to connect data to the customer experience with a software package.”

In the case of Brooks Brothers, this package includes the Adobe Target, Analytics and Scene 7 solutions. As Lincks pointed out, internal silos have held Brooks Brothers back from duplicating its in-store experience, where customers can build an individualized dress shirt from numerous factors such as body type, material, color and pattern, rather than technology.

“It’s not just what appeals to the masses,” said Lincks. “It’s meeting individual customer needs as they move through the site.”

Aided by Adobe technology, Lincks said Brooks Brothers uses CRM data to define customer groups and map out customer touchpoints. The company then automates cross-departmental reporting and frequently adds web metrics to better support its business intelligence software.

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