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Bring out your meds


HOUSTON — Sharps Compliance's TakeAway envelope solution is making its way to Kroger and its family of stores.

Kroger, which operates stores under several banners across 31 states, will offer the the medication disposal envelopes at its pharmacy counters. The goal: To offer a safe and environmentally-responsible means of disposing unused, expired or unwanted noncontrolled prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Kroger joins such retailers as Rite Aid, which recently implemented Sharps Compliance's TakeAway program in its stores.

"Sharps is a leading provider of solutions for the proper handling and disposal of individuals' unwanted or expired prescription or OTC medications, and we are excited that our TakeAway System will now be available in Kroger pharmacies," said David Tusa, Sharps Compliance president and CEO. "We estimate that more than 200 million pounds of unused dispensed medications each year are disposed of improperly and as a result are adversely affecting our water systems and placing our citizens at risk for accidental poisonings. We believe our cost-effective and convenient solutions are ideal for addressing these issues."

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