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Breitling Boutique opens at WTC


Swiss watchmaker Breitling opened its boutique at Westfield World Trade Center in New York and promises to make it an all-senses experience for shoppers.

Breitling made its name with highly technical timepieces for pilots, so the shop’s design stresses the aeronautical. Wood, metal, and an art piece representing the turbine fans of a jet engine greet shoppers, who are presented watches for inspection on tables shaped in Breitling’s winged trademark. “Radio Breitling” plays airy music, seats are cushioned in Breitling’s signature yellow, and the air is imbued with a fragrance custom-crafted for the brand.

“This city is home to our newly-relocated flagship store in midtown Manhattan. By positioning a boutique downtown, we have the perfect complement to our flagship and a location specifically tailored to please lower Manhattan,” said Breitling USA president Thierry Prissert in a statement announcing the opening.

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