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Boston Retail launches VersaPanel Showroom Display System and Boston PowerTrack


Medford, Mass. Boston Retail announced it has launched the most versatile standard merchandising system on the market. The core component of the Showroom Display System is the revolutionary VersaPanel with both vertical and overhead ‘plug & play’ power access every 2". Simply mount one -- or connect multiple VersaPanels or use basic modules ABC to create a free-standing display. Easily add or remove modules and wall-mounted units to create your own unique selling environment.

Free-Standing Module A (overhead VersaPanel), Module B (Upright VersaPanel with Duplex outlet) & Module C (Base) allow you to merchandise a complete family of wall mounted, hanging and outlet powered light fixtures in one display. Add a bracket to the same basic modules and create a triangular- Modular PowerTower. And for additional overhead powered merchandising capabilities use the Boston PowerTrack. The possibilities are endless.

To review the new literature, click here.

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