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Books-A-Million brews support for troops


Books-A-Million Inc. is once again accepting Joe Muggs coffee donations for their Coffee for the Troops campaign that will benefit troops serving overseas and stateside.

The coffee donations will allow the troops to have a taste of home while fighting for our country as well as remind them of the love and appreciation American people have for their soldiers. Books-A-Million, which presently operates 257 stores nationwide, is looking to make this season extra special by aiming for an even higher goal.

Through the past campaigns, a major book retailer has collected a total of over 150,000 bags. During this Holiday season, they are looking to exceed their goal of 42,000 bags to capitalize on the 40,300 donated last campaign. Books-A-Million donates 1 bag of coffee for every 5 bags sold to further their support for this great cause.

“I don’t think the average American person realizes how important it is to get a care package, especially a signature or signed care package from someone at home. It brightens your day,” said George Winstead, veteran and Books-A-Million senior operations manager.

Each bag donated will have a special message from customers regarding their appreciation to our troops. It is a great way for people to show their support for such a great campaign started by Books-A-Million’s partners in this,Soldiers’ Angels.

“It bolsters your belief in our country by the people, the American people, the everyday people who do something like that - knows you’re not forgotten, not off over there on your own, that you can count on support from home,” said Jeffrey Palmer, veteran and Books-A-Million employee.

This season’s campaign started Sunday, October 5, 2014, and runs through November 1, 2014. Customers can go into any Books-A-Million or 2nd and Charles location to buy a bag of Joe’s Choice House Blend and donate it to the troops and veterans.

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