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Body scanners aren’t just for the TSA anymore


A company called Artec Group has developed 3D software and hardware that creates a potential revenue opportunity for retailers by allowing users to create miniature replicas of themselves.

The company has introduced the Shapify Booth which is capable of creating a full scan of a person or object in 12 seconds and then producing a detailed 3D model called a “Shapie.”

"The Shapify Booth will be the first experience many people have with 3D scanning and printing technology," said Artyom Yukhin, president and CEO of Artec Group. "As a kid you may have gotten into a photo booth with your friends and had a strip of pictures printed out to commemorate the occasion. Our goal is to have this generation do the same thing, but add another dimension and in the end have a 3D printed figurine to solidify the memory. In a short time, we've already seen people use the booth to capture their pregnancy, to create a figurine for their grandparents, to make wedding cake toppers, and more. The possibilities are endless."

Every Shapify Booth is equipped with four wide view, high-resolution Artec scanners, which rotate around the person to scan every angle. The high powered scan and precision printing is able to capture tiny details such as wrinkles on clothes. This process generates 700 captured surfaces, which are automatically stitched together using advanced algorithms to produce a printable file ready for 3D printing.

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