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Bluefly beautifies digital performance


Discount online apparel/accessories retailer Bluefly knows how important looking good is, but also knows there needs to be real quality beneath the shiny veneer.

To that end, Bluefly is partnering with solution providers including Mozu and DynamicAction to overhaul its e-commerce site and mobile app, from the user interface to the underlying architecture.

The retailer’s new look, developed in partnership with Gates Creative, is refreshed and simplified with new branding and logo. In addition, customers can now shop from highest to lowest prices for items that are both sold directly by Bluefly and through its third-party marketplace.

The e-commerce company based its new site and native mobile app on the Mozu commerce platform. Through Mozu’s unified platform and a completely integrated content management system, Bluefly will ensure that customers see new products, changes to existing products, discounts and promotions instantly across the app and website. Leveraging Mozu merchandising tools, the retailer will be able to automatically perform online storefront changes without relying on manual work from the IT department.

Bluefly will use the same tools to update content on mobile, desktop and app. The Mozu platform also allows Bluefly to create and schedule push notifications in the same tool.

The retailer is also using SaaS-based reporting and analytics technology from.DynamicAction to analyze data from across its organization to improve operations and maximize sales for top designer brands. DynamicAction will instantly collect, integrate and analyze hundreds of data sources, ranging from third-party media, analytics and attribution data, to Bluefly’s own inventory systems and ecommerce platform data. The software will then offer a single view of profit across the entire business and prescribe actions to take across merchandising, ecommerce, marketing and operations.

"We have always been a leader in retail technology and these updates enable us to offer a holistic shopping experience between desktop platforms, the mobile web and mobile apps that is worthy of our sophisticated, discerning customers," said Carly Rosenberg, president of Bluefly.

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