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Blippy partners with Sephora to launch social shopping destination


Palo Alto, Calif. Social shopping company Blippy announced Wednesday a partnership with beauty retailer Sephora to launch an online social shopping community for Sephora customers.

With the new partnership, customers will have the ability to talk about the Sephora products they're buying, discover trending products, and write product reviews to share with others.

"Blippy's integration with allows our customers to more easily communicate with each other and talk about the products they're buying," said Julie Bornstein, senior VP Sephora Direct. "Blippy provides the ability for our customers to ask each other questions, get tips, and share recommendations."

Blippy is a community where people write reviews, share recommendations, and discover new products. When a Sephora customer visits Blippy and signs up, each time that customer buys something from Sephora, they will be asked by Blippy whether or not they'd like to share it and write a review. These reviews appear on Blippy, with many users opting to automatically share their reviews with friends on Facebook and Twitter, using Blippy's syndication features.

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