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Black Friday behavior, according to the sexes


When it comes to getting a great deal, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are big shopping days for consumers. But according to new research from Nielsen, men and women have different shopping behaviors on these two retail holidays.

An October survey by Nielsen of 1,150 people found that Black Friday is driven more by male shoppers, while Cyber Monday attracts more female shoppers. About 29% of the men Nielsen surveyed said they would be shopping Black Friday for the first time this year, while only 22% of women said they had Black Friday shopping plans.

On Black Friday, men are the big spenders. About 31% of men surveyed said they planned to spend $250-$500 on Black Friday, while only 28% of women said they planned to spend $250-$500.

Women said they prefer to do the bulk of their holiday shopping on Cyber Monday. While 60% of the women Nielsen surveyed said they planned to shop on Cyber Monday, only 50% of the men surveyed said the same.

Women said they prefer to shop department stores, followed by mass merchandisers and online, electronics and toy stores. Men, on the other hand, prefer to focus on electronics stores, followed by department stores, mass merchandisers, online retailers and club stores.

When it comes to shopping on Cyber Monday specifically, the survey showed that men prefer to browse cyber deal websites first, while women prefer to focus on retailer websites. Both the men and women surveyed said they prefer to use a desktop computer or laptop to shop online. But men said they will use a cellphone to shop if a computer is unavailable, while women said they would prefer to use a tablet.

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